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In the abstract a short description, of a diploma thesis, as well as, its division in chapters is laid out. On diploma thesis there are eight chapters.

This work is on the anisotropic behaviour of the rock and how this can affect the design and construction of underground structures such as tunnels specifically and geotechnical structures in general. The analysis is done with numerical methods, specifically with the Finite Elements Method. Some programming techniques are developed.

In the first chapter, that is the introduction and the physical problem and the goals set for the diploma thesis are presented. Some tools, like the software are presented.

In the second chapter, a presentation of the constitutive laws concerns isotropic and anisotropic elastic behaviour. Finally, the application and realization to the finite elements program.

The third chapter is an application of the anisotropic elasticity. The loading of an anisotropic half-space is examined. The anisotropic material is an equivalent continuum medium for the regularly jointed rock-mass.

In the fourth chapter a research is done on the effect of the anisotropic stratified rock-mass in tunneling. The Bray analytical solution is presented then a full research by the method of finite elements.

The fifth chapter extends the analysis of the fourth chapter to the three-dimensions, inquiring the effect of the excavation area to the anisotropic rock-mass.

In the sixth chapter, the required tools are developed for the analysis and programming of the anisotropic plasticity. A reference is done on the isotropic criterions, on the elastoplasic behaviour generally, on the anisotropic criterions and finally on the programming techniques.

In the seventh chapter, there are presented some applications of the elastoplastic behaviour –specifically anisotropic plasticity – of the rock mass, on the underground structures.

Finally the eighth chapter is the conclusions and assumptions. We come to the conclusion – having a cause – of the formality of the consummations about the diploma thesis, and we realize that the primal goals set, have been achieved. Then we can think about the abilities of the continuation of the diploma thesis.

A bibliography table is attached at the end of the diploma thesis.

Research activities...